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Author: Emerald  State: Georgia  Date: 6/18/2012 11:24:53 AM    
I have used them, but the shipments take quite a while because it is shipped from overseas. I believe the products to be legit, and would use them again. If you are patient, this is a great source. I am not a rep for the company and do not work for them.
Author: lummins  State: CA  Date: 1/19/2012 8:54:48 PM    
PharmacyEscrow has now become Escrowrefills my account info and order history plus login info had transferred, so it appears they have just changed names or sold the service to someone else. They claim to be a more direct buyer directly from the pharmacy, so orders are cheaper and shipped faster. Other than a different looking website they seem to operate just exactly the same as the old pharmacyescrow.
Author: patsajak  State: NC  Date: 10/14/2011 3:16:35 PM    
I got redirected to Are they going to continue to process my orders going forward?
Author: BillyZ  State: OR  Date: 10/13/2011 12:14:48 AM    
I have been trying to find info about for a while now does anyone know what's going on?
Author: PCuser  State: WS  Date: 10/12/2011 3:14:00 PM    
Is Pharmacy Escrow out of business?

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